get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite relationships» Callie Jacob and Jude Adams Foster 

You’re not gonna split us up, are you? Cause I won’t leave my brother.

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Stef & Lena → 30 Day Challenge
Day 3: Favourite Stef and Lena episode

"You know, we haven’t talked about baby names."

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Again, this took some thinking but as much as I like the wedding episode (and there are one or two others in series 1 and 2A) I would have to say that “Mother” (2x06) is my favourite Stef and Lena episode at the moment. There is just something about their scenes that makes this one stand out for me. It’s the dream sequence in the beginning, Stef being over-protective of Lena, them talking about the baby’s name - the gentleness that is almost palpable in that particular scene, especially from Lena. Their pain in the end. The humour in-between. It just all fits together for me. (and on top, Teri and Sherri’s acting is just outstanding throughout)

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The Fosters: Jude Adams Foster [ISTJ]



Introverted Sensing (Si): Jude is constantly applying what he’s learned in his past to what is happening in the present. A lot of what he does is motivated by him being used to doing them. When Jude starts living in Stef and Lena’s home, he willingly takes on many household chores, as he was…

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OCTOBER 11, 2000

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Happy birthday, Hayden! We love you!

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__ Anonymous said: i'll be your friend.

Thank you! I would like to be your friend. :)

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Things I do when I have friends:
1. Share my stuff
2. Give them my food
3. Always be there when they need me
4. Answer the phone at 2 am when they need to talk
5. Be the best friend that I can be
6. Put their needs above my own

Why is it so hard to find friends? :(


Bad Mermaid.

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My beautiful daughter and me…love

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get to know me meme -{ 3/?} favorite relationships
↳Callie & Jude Jacob.

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Maia Mitchell + Photoshoots

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Maia Mitchell attends “The Fosters” Press Conference

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Watching: The Fosters season 2a and New Girl season 1
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